Horse First Aid

When it comes to horse first aid, you want to be prepared with your first aid kit at the ready. It’s not unlikely that at some point, your playful horse will have a minor injury like a cut or small wound. You should check regularly for any signs of injury, especially while you’re grooming your horse, so it doesn’t go unnoticed. Of course, any emergencies and major injuries need immediate attention from your vet, and you should always call your vet whenever your horse becomes injured. But there are several useful tools that Chewy carries that you can keep tucked away in your horse first aid kit.

Chewy has a range of salves, sprays, ointments, rinses and gels to not only treat wounds, but that can be used as preventative measures. An essential item for any horse first aid kit is a solution that can be used on minor wounds and cuts to prevent infection. Vetericyn VF Wound and Skin Care Spray helps kill bacteria, fungi and viruses with a safe active ingredient in a non-toxic spray. It’s formulated at the proper pH level so it won’t burn or sting, and it can be used on cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scratches, hot spots, skin rashes, burns, abscesses, sores and post-surgical areas. You can follow it up with Vetricyn VF Wound and Skin Care Gel, which forms a protective barrier by adhering to the skin. For a natural skin healer that soothes minor cuts, bruises and burns, Fiebing’s got an Aloe Vera Ointment made just for horse first aid. It helps reduce inflammation and jump-starts the healing process. Having a wound and cut treatment is extremely useful in terms of horse first aid and caring for all of the daily nicks and scratches.

Also at Chewy, you’ll come across several horse first aid solutions for specific areas like eyes, ears or hooves. A horse’s hooves can travel pretty far in a day, and they need some extra attention. Fiebing’s Improved Horse Hoof Dressing keeps your horse’s feet healthy and is used for split hooves, quarter cracks, tender feet, contracted heels and hooves that are dry and brittle. In our Horse Shop, there are several ear and eye rinses that flush, clean and reduce irritation, like Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse and their Eye Wash.

For everyday skin care, try EQyss MicroTEK Equine Gel, which soothes on contact and stays on for maximum protection. If you have a short-haired or light-haired horse, you might check out Epi-Pet Sun Protector Skin Treatment Spray that helps keep him safe from harmful UV rays. Super convenient and ready to ship right to your doorstep, Chewy has your horse first aid needs covered, and then some.

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