Cat First Aid Kits & Tools

Despite the common saying, cats do not have nine lives. Keeping cat first aid kits in your home might save your cat’s life or prevent a serious injury. There are five accidents most common among cats: soft tissue trauma like bruises or contusions, lacerations or bite wounds, a scratch or wound on the eye, mouth trauma or fractured tooth, and abrasions or superficial wounds. There are ways to help reduce or avoid these types of accidents. Being outside can increase the risk factor for cats. Cats who are allowed to roam free outdoors can get hit by cars, attacked by other animals, or find themselves in a fight with another cat. If your cat does love to be outdoors, be prepared with first aid kits for cats so you can quickly tend to any injuries that might occur. You can make your own cat first aid kits, or buy a pre-made one like the Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit. This 50-piece essential first aid kit for cats includes sting relief pads, tweezers, tape roll, crepe bandage, cotton swab, antiseptic towelette and much more. Chewy has everything you need to make your own cat first aid and recovery kit. Get cat supplies like cat wound care including Remedy & Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder. It stops bleeding caused by superficial cuts and small scrapes. Treat fungal and bacterial infections with Vet Basics Lime Sulfur Dip Antimicrobial. It also kills lice and mites. Include the Vet-Temp Rapid Digital Pet Thermometer to get an easy and accurate reading of your cat’s temperature. Make sure your cat first aid kits include cat bandages to prevent your kitty from licking or scratching at her injury. Cat cone collars also work to prevent cats from opening wounds. Visit Chewy’s online pet store for the best cat healthcare and keep your cat healthy and happy.

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