Dog First Aid & Recovery

It's always the right time to restock your pet emergency kit, especially if you don't have one. By definition, accidents happen unexpectedly, and you want to be prepared when they do. You've probably had a pet with a minor injury at some point but didn't know what, if anything, you could do to help. Having a dog first aid kit ready makes it easier to treat your pet before you can get to the vet. So what should you keep in your pet emergency kit? An effective styptic powder like Miracle Care Kwik-Stop should be first on the list. It stops bleeding quickly and blocks pain caused by minor cuts and nail clippings. Nutri-Vet Aspirin is good to have on hand for temporary relief from pain and inflammation associated with sore joints and arthritis. For minor skin irritations like hot spots, rashes, cuts, sunburn or itching, Dr. Harvey's Organic Healing Cream is praised by many pet parents. Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound Spray is another dog first aid favorite for treating cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scratches, hot spots, rashes, burns, abscesses, sores and post-surgical sites. Kurgo offers an all-in-one first aid kit for dogs. You might want to look for specific everyday treatments to create a dog first aid kit that fits your pet's unique needs. If your pup tends to have ear problems, stock an ear mite solution like Miracle Care Ear Mite Treatment. And for sensitive tummies, an oral gel like Veoquinol's Pro-Pectalin can provide relief from diarrhea caused by stress, antibiotics or a change in diet. Solid Gold Urine Testing pH Strips are great for dogs prone to urinary tract infections. With regular at-home testing, you'll know right away when it's time to take your dog to the vet. If you’ve ever wondered about the breed of your dog, the Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit makes it easy to find out. The important thing to remember is that you should only use medicines, creams and sprays that are made specifically for dogs, not humans. A well-stocked dog first aid kit contains a range of treatments for minor everyday ailments, but it's still a good idea to check with your vet if your pet gets injured. Stock up on pet first aid supplies on Chewy today.

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