Flushable Cat Litter

If you’re tired of smelling stinky litter in the trash and lugging heavy, litter-laden bags out to the garbage, you’ll be thrilled to know there are lots of flushable cat litter options out there to eliminate that hassle and odor. Chewy carries a wide range of flushable litters to make all your easy litter-scooping dreams come true, along with some great cat litter box cleaners and cat litter scoops to help get everything sparkling clean. Flushable cat litter is made to flush easily down the toilet without clogging up plumbing like traditional cat litter will. It’s usually a natural cat litter product made from corn, wood, wheat, paper or grass, but there are also a few clay types available if that’s what you prefer for your cat litter boxes. Flushable litter is almost always a clumping cat litter, although you can technically scoop boxes with a non clumping cat litter and flush that fecal waste if you want. Flushables tend to be lightweight cat litter products and there are many flushable dust-free cat litter options, as well. Plus, you can choose a scented cat litter that’s flushable for a fresher-smelling home, or pick an easy-flush unscented cat litter for fragrance-sensitive felines—they’ll both provide good odor control and easy scooping for you. Whatever type and brand of cat litter you ultimately choose, you’ll definitely find a great deal on all your cat supplies at Chewy’s online pet supplies store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flushable Cat Litter

What is flushable cat litter made of?

Flushable cat litter is made of different materials, depending on which brand you choose. Flushable cat litter can be made of corn, wood, wheat, grass, paper, tofu, clay or other materials. Not all natural litters are flushable, even biodegradable ones, so look for litters that are specifically labeled as flushable and follow disposal instructions closely.

Is flushable cat litter safe for plumbing?

Flushable cat litter can be safe for plumbing, but it can cause clogging in some plumbing systems. Many experts recommend against using flushable cat litter, especially if you have older plumbing, but you may be able to flush litter through your system without any issues. Read the package instructions carefully to see if a particular brand is right for you.

Does flushable cat litter clog drains?

Flushable cat litter can clog drains, so use it with caution. Even cat litters that say they are flushable can cause plumbing problems, and flushable litters are not designed for use with all types of plumbing systems. Read the package directions for guidance and talk to a plumbing professional if you are uncertain.

What are the best flushable cat litters?

The best flushable cat litters will be biodegradable, effective at controlling odors and moisture and pleasant for your cat to use. Look for flushable cat litter made from ingredients that break down naturally and choose a formula that is absorbent and soft on your cat's paws. Many cats prefer unscented litters, so consider choosing a flushable cat litter that is fragrance-free.