Turtle Food

So, you've brought home a new pet turtle, but now you're wondering, what do pet turtles eat? Don't worry—you've come to the right place for all your turtle food needs. Unlike tortoises, which eat plant material exclusively, turtles have a wide-ranging omnivorous diet. This includes protein from insects like crickets or mealworms along with tons of leafy veggies like kale and parsley, plus various fruits and pelleted foods.Now, we come to the question of what can turtles eat when it comes to turtle pellet food, dry food mixes and dehydrated turtle food? Keep in mind that these foods form just a part of your pet turtle's nutrition, alongside mostly greens and some fruit. Aquatic turtles are popular among pet owners, and they can eat floating aquatic turtle food pellets that won't fall apart in the water. Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Maintenance Formula Turtle Food has no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and consists of 25% protein to feed aquatic turtles with a shell that's six inches or longer. And Tetra ReptoMin Floating Sticks Turtle & Amphibian Food is a scientifically formulated diet with calcium and vitamin C for a strong shell. As a treat in addition to your pet's regular turtle food, aquatic turtles love insects like Zoo Med Large Sun-Dried Red Shrimp or Fluker's 5 Star Medley Treat, which combines freeze-dried river shrimp, mealworms and crickets all in one. If you have a land turtle or tortoise, Zilla Land Turtle and Tortoise Food offers superior nutrition with flowers, berries and plant ingredients that promote excellent shell color and good health. Zoo Med's Gourmet Tortoise Food treats them to a medley of carrots, sweet potato and hibiscus and is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Chewy's got all the goods, including all kinds of turtle food, aquatic turtle food and tortoise food to keep your shelled friend happy and healthy.

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