Parakeet Food

Parakeets might eat just about anything you put in front of them, but it's important to make sure they get a balanced diet. So, instead of asking “what do parakeets eat, the better question is “what should they eat? Pet Parakeet bird food and Parakeet birdseed should be filled with a variety of ingredients that these birds will not only enjoy, but those that are good for them as well. Brown's Tropical Carnival Parakeet Bird Food is a colorful and tasty blend of papaya, coconut, strawberries, pineapple, peanuts, safflower seeds and wholesome veggies like sweet potato and carrots that your feathered friend will love. And it comes in a variety of fun shapes, textures, sizes and colors for a visually stimulating meal that's also a bird treat your buddy will never get bored with. You can also serve her Kaytee Supreme Parakeet Bird Food. It's a high-quality, protein-packed mix of natural seeds, pellets and grains that's fortified with vitamins A, B12, biotin and folic acid. This specially formulated Parakeet food helps birds maintain exceptional health and strong growth. Plus, it's naturally preserved for optimum freshness with no artificial colors or flavors. Your Parakeet is sure to enjoy ZuPreem FruitBlend bird food as it takes the guesswork out of meeting your bird’s nutritional needs with a healthy, complete diet. This tasty blend is bursting with fruity flavors for an enjoyable eating experience that gives your pet bird a reliable source of balanced nutrition. You can also mix things up with ZuPreem Natural with Vitamins Minerals & Amino Acids. It's a wholesome natural Parakeet food that's specially formulated with all the nutrients to properly meet your pet bird's daily nutritional needs. The high-quality pellet is all your feathered friend needs to maintain optimum health--there's no need for extra vitamins or mineral supplements. Chewy carries a huge variety of Parakeet foods, Parakeet birdseed and Parakeet bird pellets that birds can eat regularly for a well-balanced diet. Shop the best Parakeet food here on Chewy today!

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