Guinea Pig Food

When it comes to your little guinea pig's vegetarian diet, an assortment of fruits and berries guinea pig food, fresh fruit and veggies are key. He will also need a constant supply of tasty guinea pig grass hay to help him keep his teeth clean and in good condition. Crunchy pellets are also a great way to give your guinea pig added sources of vitamins and minerals. Add a fresh supply of drinking water along with a variety of delicious foods and you're guinea pig will stay in tip-top shape. Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food is specially formulated to mirror an adult guinea pig's natural diet. It's full of high-fiber grass hay that promotes healthy gastrointestinal health and it's low in protein, calories and calcium. Kaytee Alfalfa Cubes Small Animal Food is an all-natural, chemical free delicious treat that your guinea pig will love. These nutritious and convenient sun-cured sweet alfalfa cubes aid in the digestion process, keep their teeth trim and satisfy their need to chew. And Oxbow Botanical Hay Small Animal Food is the perfect veterinarian-recommended hay for all guinea pigs at all stages of life. It's a rich blend of herbs like chamomile and lavender mixed in with hand selected, hand packed Western timothy hay that is quality assured. Mix it with other hays to create an appetizing, long-strand fiber meals. Feed your guinea pig a good variety of foods and mix in a few guinea pig treats to keep your furry friend happy. For great deals on small pet supplies like rabbit food, hamster food and small pet cages shop Chewy's online pet store!

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