Cat Water Fountains & Waterers

About two-thirds of your cat’s body is made of water. Your cat needs water to survive and maintain their health. When in the wild, cats get water from the moisture in their food. Wild cats eat insects, birds and rodents which have high water content. Your housecat has a very different diet, so she relies on you to give her the water she needs. Unfortunately, cats don’t feel the need to drink water often. You might not be able to tell if your cat is dehydrated until she develops a health problem. Dehydration in cats can lead to cat bladder issues, urinary diseases, kidney disease and feline lower urinary tract disease. Prevent dehydration in your cat with cat water fountains and filters. A cat water fountain with filter allows your cat to get the water she needs whenever she needs it. Shop cat water fountains from brands like Catit, Cat Mate and Drinkwell. The Catit Flower pet fountain is a beautiful fountain featuring a cute flower in the center. It’s perfect for the picky drinker. Give her an inviting place to sip water with this bubbling brook fountain. The Drinkwell platinum pet fountain holds over one gallon of water while constantly filtering and aerating it. When your cat’s fountain needs a new filter, get cat water fountain filters at There are also cat water dispensers. The Frisco gravity refill pet waterer uses gravity to automatically refill your cat’s water bowl when it gets low. There are also simple cat water bowls that make drinking water more inviting. The OurPets comfort elevated cat feeder makes drinking more comfortable. The elevated design provides an ergonomic experience that promotes digestive health. Keep your kitty from making a mess and tracking water throughout the house with cat placemats. If your cat also has a problem feeding properly, automatic cat feeders can prevent her from overeating by distributing the exact amount of food she needs and no more. Chewy carries other cat tech products to make pet parenting easier. For example, your cat’s litter box can be cleaned automatically with automatic litter boxes. Get cat water fountains and filters and other cat supplies at Chewy’s online pet store.

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