Free Standing Pet Gates

Dog gates create boundaries that prevent your dog from leaving or entering specific areas of your house or grounds. If you routinely leave your home for hours at a time, gating off a room gives her freedom to move around while preventing her from breaking valuables or creating a mess. Dog pens are great tools whether you have a new puppy or big dogs. Free standing dog gates give puppies a safe area to play while keeping them from wreaking havoc in your home. They are easy to set up and move around your property. Even fully-grown dogs benefit from free standing dog gates and pressure mounted dog gates. Your dog can benefit from wall mounted dog gates when your home is busier than usual. Whether you’re having guests over for a dinner party or contractors are working on your home, a walk through dog gate creates a barrier for your dog, while giving them more freedom than dog crates. If you live in a multi-floor home, a dog gate for stairs is another way to keep your dogs away from strangers that may make them feel uncomfortable. Your canine may prefer the great outdoors, but it might not be safe to let them roam freely. Dog houses can keep your four-legged friend safe while they enjoy your backyard. The Trixie Dog Club House is a great place for your dog to escape. Another way to establish boundaries is with electric dog fences. If you have a multi-pet home, you may want a dog gate with cat door. This will allow your cat to move freely from room to room, while your dog remains safely behind the gate. Overall, a sturdy dog gate can create a safe place for your dog and create a dog-free zone when needed. Find free standing dog gates and the best dog supplies at

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Standing Pet Gates

How do freestanding dog gates work?

Freestanding dog gates work to create a physical barrier that prevents your dog from crossing. Because they are not anchored into place, they are best for dogs who are not intent on escaping or prone to knocking them over. They can be very effective for smaller and more docile dogs, but you should not use them in a situation where an escape could result in danger to your dog or others.

Do freestanding dog gates work for big dogs?

Freestanding dog gates can work for big dogs, but they are best for docile canines who are likely to respect the physical barrier. They can be easily knocked over by large dogs and may be toppled by rowdy smaller dogs, too. Many dogs won't bother trying to see if they can knock over a freestanding dog gate or barrier, and these gates can be highly effective if your dog has this kind of temperament.

Are freestanding dog gates sturdy?

Freestanding dog gates are not as sturdy as gates that anchor into a doorway or wall. They can be made of sturdy, durable materials and are sometimes heavy enough to safely contain smaller dogs, but use them with caution if preventing canine passage is a matter of safety for people or pets. Many freestanding dog gates can be easily knocked over by bigger dogs or energetic smaller ones.