Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

For the best in freeze-dried dog treats look no further than Chewy. Search top freeze-dried dog treat brands and flavors online with ease on Chewy. Freeze-dried dog treats are the latest dog food craze. Why the sudden rise in freeze-dried demand? Freeze-dried dog treats are a great alternative to wet and dry dog foods. Top rated freeze-dried dog treat brands keep doggie fans coming back for more by varying flavors and cooking methods. Made by removing the water content from cooked fresh foods, it is then sealed in air-tight packaging and shipped for canine consumption. This method allows puppy parents to serve pups fresh food that has a longer shelf-life than non-freeze-dried dog foods. It’s also easier to transport when you and your dog are constantly on-the-go. Freeze-dried dog treats are perfect for pet parents who prefer homemade dog food and treats, but don’t have the time for food prep during the week. Top freeze-dried dog treats brands like Orijen offer a variety of flavors like free run duck, free range bison, ranch raised lamb, Alberta wild boar and black angus beef. Orijen uses locally sourced ingredients including nest-laid eggs, wild northern pike, juicy orchard-grown apples and crisp garden greens. For four-legged friends with allergies, Halo offers a grain-free product in flavors like 100% chicken breast freeze-dried dog treat. Healthy freeze-dried dog treats are a great snack perfect for pups in training. Reward your pup with tasty, healthy freeze-dried dog treats for a reward you can feel good about giving your pet. Chewy knows what you feed your dog is important to their overall health, and that includes what they snack on. Reward your cuddly companion with healthy freeze-dried dog treats from Chewy today.

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