Frozen Cat Food

There’s no denying that cats are carnivores. These unapologetic meat eaters evolved from wildcats who hunted their prey and therefore thrived on a raw food diet. So what does that have to do with your little lap lounger, who never has to stalk her prey to eat? Well, it can tell you a lot about the kind of nutrition she needs, even if she is a domestic house cat. The best way to give your kitty the things she needs—and craves—is to feed her a raw food diet for cats. If you’re used to just pouring kibble into the bowl or opening a can, switching to raw cat food might sound like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. And just think about all the healthy ingredients she’ll enjoy, not to mention the unmatched flavor. Those who already feed their kitties raw food for cats know how much their purring felines love it, and they’ve surely seen the benefits. Now that you’re on board with the idea, let’s get back to the question of how to feed it. Chewy has something that can help you out with this. It’s called frozen cat food, and it provides all the great nourishment of a raw cat food diet, but it’s so much simpler to prepare. Instead of spending your time in the kitchen cutting up meat, fruit and veggies that goes into raw cat food, you can sit back, order some frozen cat food from Chewy, and get back to cuddling your cat. Frozen cat food is full of raw ingredients that are never cooked, so they still have all the nutrients they started with. That includes amino acids, enzymes, protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are found in raw meat, organs, ground bones, fruits and vegetables. The benefits of feeding a raw cat food diet range from a healthier coat that shines, more stamina, easier digestion and less risk of food sensitivities. When you choose a raw cat food diet, you’re giving your kitty food that’s most like her natural diet, and it’s got all the taste and beneficial ingredients that she needs to stay healthy. Try it out—we’re sure your cats will approve.

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