Dog Gates

Sometimes, we have to set boundaries around the home to help keep our pets safe and out of the way. Whether it's to section off your pet from the new baby, your kitty's cat food, guests, your bed or for training purposes, the best dog gates help block off areas that are off-limits. Plus, dog gates simultaneously create a safe, needed space for him, too.

Chewy has different types of dog gates including pressure mounted dog gates, hardware mounted dog gates and free standing dog gates so you can find the option that works best for your space. Whether you are looking for a dog gate for stairs, a dog gate with a door or an extra wide dog gates Chewy has options for you. The MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate closes firmly yet easily with one simple push, keeping your pet contained and your home protected. Gate swings open both ways for added convenience and offers a triple-locking system for peace of mind. Four Paws Plastic Mesh Safety Gate is guaranteed to keep your pup safe. It's a strong and durable gate made of a natural varnished hardwood. This lovely lattice style safety gate can be adjusted to fit in various locations. It's lightweight enough to take on the road as well. Carlson Pet Products is a freestanding gate that can expand to fit a range of openings anywhere between 40-70 inches. It installs easily and all you have to do is lock it in place. The 20-inch height offers convenient step-over function. It works well as a puppy gate, small dog gate or medium-sized dog gate.

Dog gates can also be used to control where your dog plays outside. The best dog gates create a safe space and set limits for your dog. Creating boundaries can alleviate many headaches and provide needed perimeters. So whether you are in the market for a new dog door, some new dog food, dog toys or even dog treats Chewy's online pet store is where you can find great deals on all of your dog supplies!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Gates

What are dog gates used for?

Dog gates are used for creating no-go areas of your home, but they can also be used to designate play areas, to create a safe space for your pup when you have company and more. Some even fold up to become an enclosed playpen area for your canine.Many people use gates to block off stairs or other dangerous areas, too, and gates can be especially helpful for creating boundaries when you have a puppy.

What are the best dog gates?

The best dog gates will be the right size for your dog and well-suited the particular purpose you’re using it for. Free-standing gates offer great versatility and portability, but they may not be suitable for rowdy or larger dogs. Pressure-mounted gates provide greater strength and stability while preserving some of the portability of a free-standing gate.

How tall should a dog gate be?

A dog gate should be tall enough that your dog can’t walk or jump over it. Some larger dogs won’t jump gates even if they can do so, while certain smaller dogs may surprise you with their gate-vaulting ability! Make sure to monitor your dog when you first get a new gate and remember to get a bigger gate if your dog or puppy grows considerably in size