Cat Gates

Cat gates are an easy way to temporarily block off areas of your home or apartment. Cat gates come in handy in multiple situations, so whether you're looking for a pressure mounted cat gate, hardware mounted cat gate, free standing cat gate or something more specific, Chewy has what you're looking for. Cats love to explore, but that natural instinct to climb a cat tree and jump around can put their lives and your possessions in danger. An indoor cat gate can prevent your cat from wondering into rooms that are off limits - like your closet. Cat gates can keep your cat from danger, from scratching or tearing your furnishings or from guests who suffer from pet allergies. Cat gates for stairs can keep your cat from traversing the cat stairs & steps while you're away, and can help prevent accidents. Carlson Pet Products makes indoor cat gates for multiple sized doorways and staircases, including the Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate, Flexi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, and the Design Studio Metal Walk-Thru gate. These cat gate models come with a cat door that keeps larger pets out but allows your cat to come through at times when it's safe. The Carlson Pet Products Flexi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Cat Gate with Pet Door is thirty-eight inches high and spans seventy-six inches wide. The special configuration makes it perfect for unusually shaped or angled doorways, and it extends up to 13 feet wide with the use of additional extensions. Setting up your indoor cat gate is simple, so there's no need to fuss. Get through when you need to with the convenient one-touch release handle. Need a chew-proof cat gate for stairs? How about a cat gate that won't clash with your interior design? Consider the MyPet Extra Tall Petgate Passage Gate, made with heavy-duty steel in a matte bronze finish, as the high-end look will not interrupt your decor—and the extra tall design is perfect the master escape artists that can jump high. Whether your pet needs protecting, or you are entertaining guests for the evening, a cat gate can help you safely restrict access to rooms and staircases in your house. Find the perfect cat gate for your home and all your cat supplies & accessories, including cat toys, cat beds and delicious cat food that comes in multiple varieties like dry cat food, wet cat food and freeze-dried cat food.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Gates

Do cat gates work?

Cat gates can work as deterrents, but not as complete barriers to cat entry and exit. Most cats can jump over even the highest pet gates, so if safety or containment is an issue, you should not rely on a cat gate. Older pets and small kittens may be adequately contained by a high cat gate, but be sure to test the situation thoroughly before leaving your pet unattended.