Dog Ear Powders

Your canine companion depends on you to keep their ears clean and clear. Get the job done right with dog ear care gels and powders from Chewy. Pups can pick up a lot of dirt and debris at the dog park or just playing outside. Without regular cleanings, your canine’s ears can become a breeding ground for bacteria and pests like mites. Regular cleanings are important, but her ears are sensitive, so cleanings may be challenging. Keep a bag of her favorite dog treats on hand to keep her calm and distracted. At Chewy, we carry a wide range of dog ear cleaners, including gels and powders from brands like Miracle Care pet products and Four Paws pet products. If left uncleaned, dog ears can begin to produce heavy odors. Reduce ear odor with Miracle Care Ear Powder. This ear powder for dogs has antimicrobial properties that get to work killing bacteria. The powder formula helps remove excess moisture and bacteria from ear canals and cleanse dog ears. If your cuddly canine has smelly, itchy ears, consider Four Paws ear powder. Excess moisture in your dog’s ear can trap bacteria and create odor. Four Paws medicated ear powder dries excess moisture and provides itch relief. To use, simply squeeze a few puffs of the dog ear powder into your dog’s ear. It’s safe for both dogs and cats, so it’s perfect for a multi-pet household. To treat ear mites, kill them quickly with Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy for dogs. Featuring aloe vera, this remedy provides fast relief for your four-legged friend. It also provides a bonus function of removing ear wax buildup from your canine’s ear canals. When it comes to keeping your canine’s ears clean and clear of dirt and debris, you’ll find the best pet products at Chewy’s dog store.

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