Gifts for Other Pets

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Gifts for Other Pets

We love our pets and take every opportunity that we can to show them how much we care. But the holidays are the time to really double up on the love and reward our pets with some goodies that will make them feel extra-special. Holiday pet gifts provide the perfect way to treat our pets to a fun surprise. They give us the opportunity to dress our pets up in festive accessories or gift them a new living space, toy, treat or product that will help to make their lives healthier and happier.

Chewy offers a variety of holiday pet gifts that can help to enrich the lives of your furry—and not so furry—friends. These pet gift ideas include fish aquariums, starter kits and aquarium ornaments; hamster, gerbil, mice and other small animal habitats; bird food; horse toys and horse halters; and bird perches and bird toys.

The Sporn Merman Santa aquarium ornament is a pet gift that adds a touch of the holidays to your aquarium. The Kaytee CritterTrail Extreme Challenge small animal habitat will make hamsters, gerbils and mice happy this holiday season with a spiral slide staircase, removable petting zone, water bottle and food dish, exterior exercise wheel, and multilevel area to play and explore. And the Tough-1 Santa horse hat will make your horse the talk of the barn this Christmas. This adorable felt and fleece hat has two ear slots, which maximizes comfort and keeps it securely fastened in place.

What better way to show them how much you love and appreciate them than by giving them a holiday pet gift to unwrap? Check out our ever-growing selection of seasonal pet gifts to find new and exciting products to bring home to your pets. Shop Chewy for low prices on all your pet supplies.

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