Dog GPS & Activity Trackers

Is your pet an escape artist that somehow manages to free himself from the yard all the time? Or maybe you're training a hunting dog and he's learning to follow commands in the field. No matter what your reason is, getting some sort of pet tracker is a good idea for keeping tabs on your pets. If you're looking to add a GPS dog collar or cat tracker to the list of pet supplies for your next order, you've come to the right place. We've got several nice options—it all depends on what you're looking for and how you plan to use a pet GPS device. The average pet owner might be looking for a way to simply track their pets' movements throughout the day and make sure they don't stray too far from home. In this case, a cat tracker or dog tracker that attaches to the collar is the best answer. The Link AKC GPS & Activity Monitor Smart Collar has a sleek and stylish design and allows you the owner to receive alerts if your pup wonders! If you just want to add a gps tracker to any of your dog collars the Tile Mate Tracker easily attatches to your dog's collar and lets you keep track of their actions with the 150 foot radius! They use GPS, just like you use on a smartphone. Pet GPS trackers let you see your pet's location by using an app, which alerts you whenever he's gone beyond the preset boundaries. This way, you know when your pet's up to no good, even when you can't keep constant watch over him. Using dog GPS and cat GPS monitors is always a good idea when you're traveling, and especially when you're in the process of moving. You certainly don't want to add a missing pet to your list of worries, and with a GPS pet tracker, you won't have to. For those who are training hunting dogs, a special GPS dog tracking system can be used to locate hounds, beagles or bird dogs. These dog GPS trackers are usually lightweight and waterproof and will work over long ranges. For those tech savy dog owners, a dog camera would allow you to constantly watch and monitor your dogs whereabouts. In addition to the dog camera, adding an electronic dog door to your home would be another way that you could monitor where your dog is at all time! Remember to shop Chewy for the best pet supplies and dog products.

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