Dog GPS & Activity Trackers

Keep your precious pup safe with GPS trackers for dogs. Canines are playful creatures. Many dogs struggle between wanting to run and play and obeying the boundaries their pet parents have established for them. The struggle is real, and it could lead to your pup finding her way out into the street. Dog trackers allow you to keep tabs on your pet whether your home or away. When you are at work, dog activity trackers monitor your pet’s movements, so you can focus. Chewy has the best dog GPS tracker for you and your canine companion. The Whistle 3 dog GPS tracker is an all-in-one GPS location and activity tracker controlled by a simple mobile app. You can track your dog’s daily activity and set goals to keep your canine fit. You can customize a whistle zone by choosing an area and get alerts when your dog ventures out beyond it. Should your dog get loose, you can find them fast with nationwide coverage on the AT&T cellular network. The Findster Duo+ dog GPS tracker is another option for monitoring your pet. You can monitor the location and activity of your dog. It requires no monthly subscription with no SIM card or cell coverage needed. For a small dog GPS tracker, there are options like the FitBark 2 and Dott tag tracker. Dog trackers are just one way to train and keep your dog safe. Chewy carries a wide range of dog tech products to help pet parents. Dog training technology makes it easier to keep your bowwow behaving. If your dog barks when she shouldn’t, you could benefit from dog bark collars. You’ll find top dog bark control collars like the PetSafe static bark control collar at Get everything you need to keep your collar working including bark collar batteries and bark collar charges. With dog training systems you can stop bad behavior. At Chewy you’ll find electric dog fences to keep your dog from roaming into rooms or beyond your yard. Electric dog fence batteries will keep your fence charged. Get all the best dog supplies from our online pet store today.

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