Grain-Free Biscuits & Crunchy Treats for Dogs

Treating a dog who’s on a grain-free diet can be easy with some of the great grain-free dog biscuits you can find in our online store. Chewy carries a vast selection of grain-free crunchy dog treats, including grain-free dog cookies, biscuits, snack sticks, bone-shaped treats and more. They come in an assortment of mouthwatering flavors to suit every taste and in sizes ranging from tiny bites to jumbo chomps.

Grain-free hard dog treats offer a rewarding crunch pups instinctively love and provide some dental benefits, too. Chewing on hard treats and bones can help remove plaque and tartar and also satisfies canines’ natural urge to gnaw. The grain-free recipes for these treats exclude common fillers and irritants like corn and wheat, for superior digestibility and a rich, rewarding flavor. Choose from treat sizes ranging from very small to extra-large to give pups of all sizes a good chewing workout.

Use grain-free dog biscuits, cookies and crunchy treats as part of a grain-free diet or as a special reward for a pup on a regular diet. Some dogs actually prefer the flavor of these grain-free treats over regular treats, and many recipes are high in protein and other beneficial nutrients that make them a great—and great-tasting—supplement to a healthy diet. Savory flavors like turkey, beef and bacon satisfy meaty appetites, while biscuits made with peanut butter, cheese and even veggies delight more omnivorous palates.

For sensitive pups and those on a restricted diet, limited ingredient diet crunchy dog treats can satisfy cravings without breaking dietary directives. Dogs with less strict requirements may enjoy biscuits, cookies and crunchy dog treats made with grain, as well—try always-popular crunchy peanut butter dog treats or pick a meaty flavor to feed those carnivorous cravings. Chewy has all the traditional and grain-free dog treats you need to reward your best friend, plus all the healthy grain and grain-free dog food he needs to thrive. Shop our great grain-free dog biscuit selection and get everything you need to feed and treat a happy dog!

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