Rabbit Grooming Supplies

Good rabbit grooming and health depends on regular brushing, but when your bunny needs a little something more to feel fresh, you’ve got plenty of options. Chewy carries a range of rabbit shampoo products to get your bunny squeaky clean, plus other cleansing rabbit grooming products like deodorizers, ear and eye cleaning solutions, and more.

Many bunnies dislike or even fear baths, so you may want to use an instant or rinse-less bunny shampoo to remove odors, dirt and oil without drama. These come in spray, foam, powder or wipe-on liquid formulas and can help fluff, deodorize and de-stain your bunny’s fur without immersion. You can also try an extra-gentle rabbit shampoo formula if your bunny needs a wet bath, but take great care not to upset your bunny and consider limiting wet cleaning just to targeted areas like the backside or feet. Make sure to choose products formulated for bunnies or those specifically marked safe for them, since they have very sensitive skin and may react poorly to certain ingredients.

Remember to entice your bunny at grooming time with lots of rabbit toys and rabbit treats to make him a willing participant in the ritual. You’ll find all the rabbit supplies you need for a clean and happy hopper in the small pet supplies section of Chewy’s online pet store. Shop for rabbit beds and hideouts and sweet rabbit habitats too, so you can pamper your newly fluffy bunny in the fine style he deserves!

How do you get stains out of rabbit fur?

To get stains out of your rabbit fur, corn starch powder works wonders. Simply rub it in, then comb or brush to completely remove it along with the stains. For tough stains, spray on a 50/50 vinegar/water solution before the cornstarch step. You can also use a waterless shampoo, or spot clean with a gentle rabbit shampoo and water if there’s skin irritation. Consult with your veterinarian what’s the best way to remove pesky stains from your rabbit.

How do you clean a rabbit's feet?

You can clean your rabbit’s feet by simply wiping with a damp cloth. If that doesn’t work, dry and instant shampoo methods usually work well on dirty rabbit feet too.

Can I use dog shampoo on a rabbit?

Many dog shampoos and human shampoos contain chemicals that are toxic to rabbits. The safest bet is to use a shampoo specifically formulated for bunnies or listed as bunny safe. You can find lots of great bunny-safe shampoo options in the rabbit grooming and health section of our site.

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