Ferret Grooming Supplies

Ferrets don’t need to be bathed too often, but when they do, you’ll need some good ferret shampoo along with patience and treats to get the job done right. Chewy carries several ferret shampoo and conditioner options, along with all the ferret grooming and health supplies you need to keep your ferret clean and well cared for. Here are a few things to know before you try to give your ferret a bath.

The best ferret shampoo will be a gentle formula made specifically for ferrets. You can find odor-absorbing varieties with baking soda, freshening formulas with tea tree oil or mint, brightening formulas for lighter coats and extra-moisturizing types with aloe and emollient oils. Look for a ferret shampoo that’s pH-balanced and mild so it won’t strip away too many natural oils, and finish with a crème rinse or conditioner to restore extra silkiness to the coat.

For ferrets that don’t like the water or those who don’t need a full immersion bath, there are some great dry ferret shampoo varieties that make cleaning your ferret a little easier. These come in foam and spray versions that you simply rub in and brush or towel off, for an easy clean that won’t strip away natural coat oils. You can also find freshening sprays and odor removers to keep your ferret smelling nice during stinky times, and many contain emollient coat conditioners, as well.

Make sure to entice your ferret with lots of healthy ferret treats and ferret toys during the grooming process to keep him distracted and happy. Keeping your ferret enclosures and habitats nice and clean can help cut down on the need for bathing, as will some of the odor-reducing ferret health and wellness supplements you can feed to your pet. You can find these great products and all the ferret supplies you need in the small pet supplies section of Chewy’s online pet store. Stock up on ferret shampoo and conditioner and shop for grooming tools, ear washes and more!

How often should ferrets be bathed?

Ferrets should be bathed, on average, every two to three months. Washing too frequently can strip natural oils, irritate skin and even cause more odor rather than less. If your ferret gets really dirty from playing outside or gets into something that needs to be removed, definitely go ahead and bathe him—but ideally not more than once a month. Otherwise, regular brushings combined with infrequent baths will be more than adequate to keep your ferret clean.

Can you use human shampoo on a ferret?

You can use human shampoo on a ferret if you choose a tearless baby shampoo, but your best bet will always be a shampoo formulated for ferrets or small pets. A gentle formula like Marshall Tea Tree Shampoo for Ferrets leaves coats smelling fresh and conditioned, while a waterless shampoo like Marshall Foaming Waterless Shampoo for Small Pets would work great for a quick freshen up.

Can you use cat shampoo on a ferret?

You can use cat shampoo on a ferret if you get a product formulated especially for kittens, but a shampoo made especially for ferrets or other small pets is always the safest and best choice. Ideally, you want a pH-balanced product that’s gentle and won’t strip away natural oils, and you need to be certain it doesn’t have any ingredients that may be unhealthy for ferrets. Dog shampoos, especially, can contain toxic ingredients, and even some cat shampoos will have irritating ingredients or simply clean too harshly. Always talk to your vet before trying a product not intended for ferrets.

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