Small Animal Care & Grooming

Chewy carries everything you need to keep your small pet clean and healthy. Small pets need grooming too, just like dogs and cats. Find small pet shampoos, small pet deodorizers, small pet dust baths, small pet tools and more on Chewy. Unlike cats and dogs, a regular dust bath is an absolute necessity for a chinchilla. In the wild, chinchillas roll in volcanic dust to clean their soft coats. Dust baths help chinchillas keep their thick fur, silky-smooth, but it's also a fun and relaxing experience for your furry pet. Chewy carries a variety of specifically formulated dust bath products from top brands like Kaytee and Oxbow. The dust is formulated to penetrate your chinchilla's furry coat, reaching the skin and absorbing oil and dirt. Pet parents simply pour a layer of dust into a flat pan or chinchilla bath house, and let your chinchilla go to town. The Kaytee chinchilla dust bath is an all-natural product made from natural pumice. Looking for the perfect chinchilla bath house? Try the Kaytee dust bath house or ceramic critter bath.After a long day of hopping along, your bunny's fur can pick up all sorts of dirt and debris. Daily bathing can do more harm than good, so try waterless shampoo in between bunny baths. Marshall makes a waterless rabbit shampoo that's perfect for quick cleanup in between baths. Simply apply the foam to your small pet's coat, then massage and dry with a towel for a super simple clean. This leave-in foam is perfect for rabbits, hamsters and ferrets. If you need help with hamster care, search Chewy for guidance and quality products. The Ware small animal grooming kit is perfect for keeping your guinea pig or hamster groomed to perfection. Bathing guinea pigs can be difficult, but not when you use the Kaytee quick and clean small animal instant shampoo. This no-rinse shampoo gently cleanses your guinea pig's coat, removing dirt and oils. Keep your small pet clean, happy and healthy with easy to use grooming products from Chewy.

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