Rabbit Grooming & Health Products

Keep your bunny looking good and feeling great by adopting a regular rabbit grooming routine and sticking to it. Chewy carries a variety of rabbit grooming & health supplies to make the job easy, along with the toys and treats you’ll need to make your bunny a willing participant.

Grooming for Bunnies 101 begins with regular gentle brushings—use a bristle brush designed specifically for rabbits and avoid wire brush styles that can injure their delicate skin. Brush short-haired bunnies at least once a week and longer-haired bunnies as often as daily. You’ll prevent GI upsets from hairballs and avoid a variety of skin problems. Most bunnies dislike baths and brushing keeps bunnies nice and clean, but you can also use a no-rinse or instant rabbit shampoo when your floppy-eared friend needs freshening up. Look for rabbit health and wellness supplements to help with grooming issues like hairballs and unpleasant fur odor, along with sprays and ointments for itching, hot spots and wound care when your bunny’s having issues.

Bunny nails and teeth need regular care, too, so check out our small pet supplies section to find suitable nail clippers for bunnies, and pick up some alfalfa cubes, hay and other tooth-friendly rabbit food and treats to keep those growing teeth in check. Whatever rabbit supplies you need, from grooming to rabbit habitats and beyond, you’ll find the best deals and fast shipping at Chewy’s online pet store!

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