Ferret Grooming & Health

Staying on top of ferret grooming and health concerns can be easy if you follow basic regular maintenance routines and make sure to consult with your veterinarian about health issues as soon as they arise. Having the right supplies on hand can make the job easier, too, so Chewy carries a wide selection of ferret grooming essentials to help keep your ferret nice and tidy, plus various ferret health products you may need from time to time. Read on to learn more about how to properly groom your ferret, how to prevent problems, and what supplies you’ll need to get the job done.

The first thing to know about grooming a ferret is that you do not need to bathe your little buddy very much at all. Once every few months is more than adequate, as ferrets are good at keeping themselves clean and tidy. When you do need to bathe your ferret, make sure to use a ferret shampoo or one that’s definitely safe for ferrets, and be sure any conditioner you use is ferret-safe, too. You can also try a dry shampoo or spritz for freshen-ups, and regular brushings go a long way toward keeping ferret coats soft and healthy, too.

Regular ear cleanings—every two weeks, minimum—are a must, since wax buildup can cause infections and even proneness to ear mites. Ferret ear cleaning solutions make it easier: you just squirt them in, massage and wipe. Trimming your ferret’s nails every week will also help keep them from snagging on bedding and carpet, and some ferret owners use a finger toothbrush for regular ferret dental care, as well.

We carry a great selection of grooming supplies in the small pet supplies section of our site, including nail clippers, brushes, ear washes, shampoos and more. You can also find terrific ferret health and wellness products like hairball remedies, dietary supplements, first aid and calming remedies to keep your best friend feeling his best. Shop for all your essential ferret supplies in Chewy’s online pet store. You’ll find the healthy ferret treats you need to distract your buddy during grooming, cool ferret enclosures and habitats for him to relax in afterward, and so much more. We’ve got all the ferret grooming and health products you’ll need to keep your ferret looking and feeling his best!

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