Hamster Grooming & Health Products

Keeping your hamster looking good and feeling good means having a few hamster health and grooming supplies on hand. Chewy carries a wide variety of hamster grooming supplies as well as the hamster health products your little pal needs to stay well.

Hamsters are naturally clean and will take care of most grooming by themselves. Short-haired hamsters may require no cleaning help at all unless they get into something unusual or are older or ailing. Long-haired hamsters may need occasional brushing or grooming, so get a few essential hamster grooming tools to make the job easier. A good small animal brush and/or a comb will help you eliminate mats and tangles and remove any loose dirt that may be trapped. Small scissors are good to have on hand for cutting out stubborn knots, and you may also want to invest in some hamster grooming clippers for the nails to keep them tidy.

Sand baths are a good way to get hamsters clean if they’ve gotten really dirty. Fill a small tub or small animal bath vessel with a bathing dust like you’d use for chinchillas and put it in the cage so your hamster can roll around in it. You can also find several dry shampoos for small animals that work for hamsters. Avoid giving your hamster a water bath as it strips protective oils and can give your hamster a dangerous chill.

In addition to grooming, a balanced diet is essential to hamster health and wellness and can help prevent problems down the line. A good hamster food will provide good nutrition, but you may want to supplement it with extra vitamin C, a multivitamin or even probiotics to make sure your hamster’s getting everything he needs. You can find lots of great supplements disguised as hamster treats on our site as well as calming remedies, joint supplements, skin and coat support and more. You’ll also find essential first aid products for when things go a little wrong. Stock up on all your hamster supplies at Chewy.com. We’ve got the hamster health and grooming stuff you need for your hamster and everything else you might want!

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