Mouse Health & Grooming Supplies

Keeping your mouse tidy and healthy means having a few mouse grooming and health supplies on hand. Chewy carries a variety of mouse grooming supplies as well as the mouse health products your little friend needs to stay well. We'll help you cover all your mouse healthcare and grooming bases with a great selection of supplies, supplements, tools and first aid products for your mouse.

Mice are naturally clean and will take care of most grooming by themselves, but some people like to brush their mice a little with a small animal brush for bonding and cleaning purposes. Sometimes older or ailing mice may need a little extra help staying clean or keeping their nails trim, but mice are generally very low-maintenance pets who don't require brushing or bathing. Lava rock perches can help keep mouse nails appropriately trim and tidy, and giving them chew toys will aid in keeping their teeth trimmed and clean. Small animal dry shampoos can work if your mice need a freshen-up, or try using a puppy shampoo solution as mouse shampoo for spot cleans and sponge baths.

Chewy carries several useful health products to help you monitor your mouse's health and take care of minor ailments at home. Scales and thermometers will help you check for health changes, while wound care and skin products can help you treat minor scrapes and skin issues. We also have supplements for joint health, digestive health, urinary support and calming, plus vitamin C supplements to make sure your mouse is getting everything he needs for good health.

The best way to help your mouse stay well and well-groomed is by keeping his mouse cage clean and sanitary. Spot clean daily and deep clean weekly, replacing the mouse bedding when you do. Feed a healthy mouse food that's nutritionally complete and give your pet lots of mouse toys and time outside the cage to keep him happy. Chewy has all the mouse supplies you need to keep your mouse clean and healthy. Shop our great selection of mouse grooming and health products and get everything you need to help your mouse feel his best!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mouse Health & Grooming Supplies

What kind of mouse healthcare products are there?

There are mouse healthcare products for digestive support, joint health, vitamin C supplementation, urinary health and more. You can find many different calming supplements to help your mice handle different stress situations, too. First aid products and kits will help you treat things like minor wounds, ear and eye issues, and skin problems at home, while diagnostic tools like scales and thermometers will help you monitor your little pet's health for changes.

Do pet mice need bathing?

Bathing mice isn't usually a good idea and many mice are afraid of water, so avoid wet baths if at all possible. Should your mouse get into something unpleasant or seem to need a clean-up, a sponge bath or spot clean will often do the trick. Try using wipes or a dry shampoo formulated for small animals for light cleanings, too, or brush your pet with a small animal grooming brush.

How do I clean my pet mouse?

Use a washcloth dipped in warm water or a weak solution of water and puppy shampoo and carefully rub your mouse with the damp cloth. If you used shampoo, use a second water-dampened cloth to "rinse" him by rubbing, and then dry him thoroughly with a dry washcloth to keep him from getting a chill. Some mice will also take a sand bath if it's provided, so try putting one in his cage for a while to see if he takes to it.