Cat Grooming Sprays & Detanglers

When your cat is afraid of water, waterless grooming supplies can save your relationship. Instead of submerging your fearful feline, treat her to some cat grooming sprays and detanglers that don’t require water. At Chewy, pet parents can shop for everything they need to keep cat coat’s shiny and healthy without bathing their cat. While your cat may still need a bath from time to time to address health conditions or remove sticky substances, cat grooming sprays and detanglers can do a lot of the work without water. John Paul Pet Oatmeal Conditioning Spray is designed to keep your pet’s skin healthy and coat shiny. This deeply moisturizing conditioner soothes feline skin and revitalizes her coat, making it soft to the touch. The formula includes thirteen conditioning agents, including aloe, chamomile and panthenol. Sweet almond oil adds a wonderful almond fragrance that you and your kitty will love. Better yet, there’s no water required. Are you or someone in your household allergic to cats? Cat allergies are common and can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including a runny nose and eyes, itching, and wheezing. Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Spray includes colloidal oat flour and aloe vera, which deeply condition dry cat skin and reduce flaking. It will leave your cat feeling moisturized and help reduce allergic reactions to your cat. It’s also pH balanced specifically for felines without any sulfates or colorants. Tired of finding cat hair all over your clothing and furniture or using a cat hair tape roller? Try Ark Naturals Don’t Shed On Me! Spray. This waterless tropical spray provides comfort for dry, itchy coats and gets shedding under control with natural ingredients like whole-leaf aloe vera gel. Lactic acid is used to enhance skin texture and help skin cells produce collagen. For a cat hair detangler, try John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray. Grooming your kitty without water is easy with the right cat grooming products from Chewy where you'll find the best pet supplies and cat products.

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