Dog Grooming Tables

Keeping a pet healthy requires a lot more than just dog food and walking her. Grooming and having the right dog grooming products are an important part of the pet-parent relationship, and also an important component of canine health. Lack of grooming with a dog brush or dog clippers can lead to some serious health problems. A dog with an untamed mane can attract pests, infestations and infections. Hair grooming is a great time to check your dog’s skin for conditions like hot spots and critter bites. In addition to trimming your dog’s hair, trimming your dog’s nails with dog nail clippers is also important. Overgrown nails don’t just scuff up your wood floors—they can actually hurt to walk on and cause changes in your canine’s walk. Grooming your dog at home is a lot easier with a dog grooming table. At Chewy, we carry a variety of dog grooming tables, baths and grooming restraints to help make grooming easier and more comfortable for you and your furry friend. Using your own tub to bathe your pup can lead to clogged pipes, not to mention the mess. A dog tub like the Booster Bath elevated dog tub eliminates many of the challenges associated with bathing a pup at home. Designed with pets in mind, this convenient grooming center has a non-slip bottom, and the U-shaped opening makes it convenient to enter and exit. It also features a 3-point safety harness to keep your pet secured in place while you groom them. If you’re looking for a professional-grade dog grooming table, consider the GoPetClub dog grooming table. This grooming table is durable and stable with a surface that’s easy to clean. A leash loop is included to hold your pup in place while she gets pampered. Take the struggle out of at-home dog grooming with high-quality dog grooming tables from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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