Horse Clippers and Grooming Tools

Look no further than Chewy's all-inclusive Horse Shop for all of your horse grooming needs. Before you head out for recreational riding or to the next horse show, you want to make sure your horse is ready, and that includes being well-groomed. Your neighing pal will end up looking sleek and polished, and all you need to get started are some professional-quality horse grooming products from top brands like Andis, Oster and Wahl . In the world of horse grooming accessories, a set of top-grade clippers is indispensable. There are many reasons why you might want to give your horse a clip, whether it's a full body clip or a partial clip like a trace or blanket clip. You might want to get rid of the winter coat to help cut down on the time it takes to dry your horse after riding, or maybe you're getting him ready for a show. And the type of clip you choose depends not only on the climate you live in, but the time of year, riding activity and even your horse's coat texture and growth. Using a couple of the proper horse grooming tools, you can get the clip you want to keep your horse comfortable and looking sharp.When you're picking out the perfect clipper for horse grooming, make sure it has the right motor for the job. A rotary motor is powerful enough to handle a full clip. You'll also want a clipper that runs cool and is lightweight so your hand doesn't get tired during a session. Clippers with detachable blades give you versatility, and you can choose between corded or cordless for more maneuverability. For more detailed clipping around the face and head, a rotary or electromagnetic motor with a high speed gives you a precise, even cut. These types of horse grooming clippers work well on fetlocks, the bridle path and the ears. Check out Wahl's Pro Series Plus cordless horse clipper, which comes with a hoof pick, or Wahl's Arco SE cordless hore clipper that is ideal for intricate finish work around the fetlocks, bridle path, face and ears. Chewy's got all sorts of horse grooming tools, from clippers and detachable blade sets to horse brushes and horse shampoo. So whether you need some horse supplements or just a new bag of horse feed be sure to take a look around Chewy's online pet store where you'll find top quality horse supplies and the perfect horse grooming tools for your galloping friend.

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