Dog Grooming Tools

When it comes to trimming your dog’s hair, there are some important things to keep in mind. It’s a good idea to brush your dog out thoroughly with a dog brush before you start clipping. A bath is also a good pre-clipping habit to get into. If there are any tangles in your dog’s fur that are impossible to break free, you will need to cut them off using either dog trimmers or dog scissors. Being careful not to clip your pup’s skin, cut as far from his body as possible while slowly working the knot away from him. Before clipping your dog’s fur, choose the proper blade guard for the desired length of fur. When trimming, be sure to go slowly, as to not pull your dog’s fur or leave unsightly lines. And always trim with the fur’s natural growth pattern. While trimming hold your dog still, or consider purchasing a dog grooming table to avoid any sudden movements. When grooming around the face, ears and paws, it’s best to use dog scissors. These are very sharp and unprotected, so it’s especially important to restrain your dog securely while using your dog scissors or any other dog grooming products. When finished, your dog will benefit from another rinse-off to wash away all the stray fur you’ve clipped. And if you want that groomer-fresh look, get some fabric and cut a triangle-shaped dog bandana to tie loosely around your dog’s neck. For the groomer-fresh scent, finish your dog off with a quick spritz of some dog deodorizer spray or even some dry dog shampoo. For all other dog supplies like dog food, dog treats or even dog beds be sure to shop Chewy's online pet store for great deals!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Grooming Tools

What dog grooming tools do I need?

The dog grooming tools you need include bath essentials like dog bathing mitts, dog combs to detangle and remove fleas, dog brushes for removing loose hair and smoothing, and dog clippers to trim the hair. You should also have a dog nail trimmer or dog nail clippers and a nail file to keep your best friend's nails tidy. You can find handy dog grooming kits with many of the canine grooming tools you need to get started.

How do I use dog grooming tools?

Use dog grooming tools according to the package directions, or seek the advice of a professional groomer or vet. Using dog grooming tools the wrong way can cause your best friend discomfort or even injury, so be sure to find out everything you need to know before you begin trimming hair or nails. It is sometimes even a good idea to seek guidance before using a new brush on your dog! Deshedding tools and rakes especially need to be used in a specific way to get the best results. There are many dog grooming resources online that show you how to use dog grooming tools safely and effectively.

How do you clean dog grooming tools?

You clean dog grooming tools differently depending on which tool you have. Many dog brushes and combs can be cleaned in warm, soapy water, but read the package for care instructions just to be sure. Electronic tools like dog hair clippers and dog nail grinders cannot be immersed for cleaning, so be sure to read their cleaning directions closely and follow them to the letter. If you need to sterilize your dog grooming tools or grooming attachments, a dog-safe disinfectant will help you do so safely.

What are the best dog grooming tools?

The best dog grooming tools will be suited to your dog's coat type and temperament. Start by getting a good brush. Choose a bristle brush as a good all-around tool for most coats, pin brushes and slicker brushes to help wrangle medium to long hair, and deshedder brushes for breeds with an undercoat. Rakes are best if you need to remove serious tangles and mats. A good set of dog hair clippers will help you keep your dog's coat trimmed at home, and a nail grinder is generally considered the best dog grooming tool for nail care.