Rat Habitats & Cage Extensions

When shopping for a rat habitat for your little pets, you’ll want to look for one with enough space for exercise, play and rest. Chewy offers a wide variety of pet rat habitats for sale, including large rat habitats, compact enclosures, rat habitat extensions and more. Shop our great selection and find the perfect home for your pets.

Rats are very active and love to climb, so large rat cages with multiple levels and platforms are ideal. The best rat habitats are usually wire enclosures with horizontal bars that encourage climbing and a solid floor to hold in bedding and protect delicate rat feet. Vertical bars are fine if you provide other things to climb, just be sure that bars in any direction are spaced no more than roughly a half-inch apart, because rats are great escape artists. You can also cover a wire cage bottom with solid flooring like plastic or laminate if necessary.

Avoid glass enclosures like aquariums because they won’t provide enough ventilation for your rats and tend not to have enough height or surfaces for them to climb. Wire cages made for chinchillas or ferrets work very well for rats, and you can find some cool designs with lots of room and cool features in the small animal section of our site.

Be sure to put a few rat hideouts in your rat enclosure, and set up a few feeding stations with rat water bottles and feeders to supply water, rat food and rat treats in a hygienic manner. Line the floor of the cage and with several inches of rat bedding and put some in your rats’ hideouts for nesting, too. Tunnels, ladders, branches, shelves and hammocks help add vertical space to your cage and provide healthy outlets for exercise, while rat toys will encourage your pets’ naturally playful personalities. You can even create an exciting rat playground in your cage with just a few rat supplies and some creativity. Chewy has all the great gear you need to set up a comfortable and stimulating home for your pets. Shop our great selection of rat habitats and find everything you need to make them amazing at Chewy.com!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best habitat for pet rats?

The best habitat for pet rats is a wire enclosure with a solid (not wire) floor, as it provides good ventilation and will be relatively easy to clean. A solid floor is a must to protect rat feet from painful wear and a condition called bumblefoot, and all ramps and shelves should be solid, as well. Taller cages and those with horizontal wire bars make great habitats for rats since they like to climb. Multi-level enclosures are best if you can get them, and cages like those used for chinchillas and ferrets work well for rats, too.

How big of a habitat do pet rats need?

Pet rats need a habitat that’s big enough for them to run around, climb, play, eat and sleep without crowding. A habitat should provide at least two cubic feet of space per rat, if not more. Bigger is always better when it comes to rat cages, so get one with as much horizontal and vertical space as you can manage.

What do you put in a pet rat habitat?

Put places for eating, drinking, sleeping/hiding, elimination and play in your pet rat habitat. You’ll need water bottles and feeders (ideally one per rat), lots of fresh rat bedding, rat hideouts, toys and possibly a litter box or two in there if your rats are potty trained. A rat wheel can provide great exercise for your rats, and tunnels, ramps, ladders and hammocks can provide great outlets for energy, as well.

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