Puppy Harnesses

Harness training your new puppy is important to her wellbeing and safety. A harness can be the best option for your little one, especially if she’s a puller. For dogs that like to pull, a collar can be dangerous. Smaller dogs like Yorkshire terriers are predisposed to collapsing windpipes that could be life-threatening and brought on by pulling on a collar. Puppy harnesses provide additional control, so you can help your dog avoid hazards on the road like steep drops or other animals. If you plan on having your canine wear a harness, it’s a good idea to harness train her from the start. Chewy has the best puppy harnesses for your dog. There is a puppy training harness for every type of dog breed. Consider the Frisco Small Breed soft dog harness. For the adventurer, consider the Puppia soft dog harness. Chewy has all the best puppy walking supplies. You will need a leash for your pup’s harness. Puppy leashes come in a variety of styles and materials. As your puppy grows older, and when she learns not to pull, you can find puppy collars from today’s top brands at Chewy.com. Don’t forget puppy poop bags, so you can pick up after your pup during walks. In addition to training her to walk, you will also need to train your puppy where to potty. Use puppy potty pads and puppy crates to stop your pup from peeing all over your home. Give your puppy the nutrients she needs with the right puppy food and puppy supplements. Part of puppy health is puppy grooming to prevent skin conditions and maintain a healthy coat. Give your pup a restful night’s sleep with cozy puppy beds. Find all these puppy supplies and more at Chewy’s online pet store.

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