Ferret Harnesses & Carriers

Given how energetic and curious ferrets tend to be, it makes sense to consider taking them on walks or on car rides to different places. Chewy offers a variety of ferret harnesses and leashes, plus several ferret carrier options to help you take your little buddy wherever you want to go. Here are some things to consider before you buy.

Most ferrets take readily to walking on a leash with the proper training and equipment, so make sure to get the right gear and start by teaching your ferret to use it indoors. You’ll want to choose a harness for ferrets or one specifically made for small animals, as collars and even dog and cat harnesses don’t work well for ferrets. An H-shaped harness will be the most secure choice, but ferrets who aren’t prone to escaping can use a vest style harness, too. Make sure you try on the harness to get a snug fit and take leash training slowly to acclimate your ferret to it.

Some ferrets wind up loving the leash, but a few will never stop struggling against it. For them, you may want to look into a ferret carrier or ferret travel cage for outings. Every ferret owner will probably need a carrier for essential trips like vet visits, travel and moves, but you can also use a ferret cage carrier, carrier bag or small animal carrier case to spirit your pet around town and to playdates. Look for an escape-proof design that gives you easy access to your pet when you need it. Portable ferret cages work well for overnight stays, as they provide a comfortable habitat for your pet, while bag and case-style ferret carriers may be easier to carry around.

Training your ferret to walk on a leash or to enjoy the carrier can be aided by the strategic use of ferret treats or ferret food as a reward. Putting favorite ferret beds or ferret toys in a new carrier can also make it seem more inviting. Chewy has all the ferret supplies you need to make the training process go smoothly and quickly. Shop the small pet supplies section of our site to find the perfect ferret harness for your pet, so you can take him wherever you go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put on a ferret harness?

Putting a harness on a ferret will be much easier if you distract them with treats. You can either buckle the neck fastener on the harness and then slip it onto the ferret’s neck, fastening the belly strap once you’ve got it in the right position, or lay the harness over the ferret’s back and fasten both fasteners once it’s positioned. Always avoid collars—ferrets can get out of them and may also choke when they pull—and instead choose an H harness like the Marshall Harness & Lead Ferret Leash or a vest-style harness like the Living World Small Animal Harness & Lead for extra cuteness and comfort. Know that some ferrets simply will never acclimate to the leash and should not be forced.

Can I take my ferret on an airplane?

You can’t take your ferret on an airplane in the main cabin of most major US airlines, but he may be allowed in the cargo hold in an approved ferret carrier. However, temperatures in the cargo hold can get to potentially dangerous levels, so you may want to consider alternate modes of transportation if you’re travelling with your ferret. Always consult your vet before planning a trip with your ferret to determine the safest practices.

Do ferrets like car rides?

Some ferrets like car rides, but they don’t just take to it automatically the way dogs do. It’s a good idea to acclimate your ferret to car rides slowly and pay attention to any signs of distress before planning longer trips. Be sure to put your ferret in a sturdy, escape-proof ferret travel carrier like the Living World Small Animal Carrier or a travel cage such as the Kaytee Take Me With Small Animal Travel Carrier and secure the carrier to the seat or indoor cargo area. Remember to bring along essentials like food, water and treats for rewards, and consider carrying along a ferret first aid kit with products from our site. Always check with your vet before planning a long trip with your ferret and consider microchipping him in case he escapes.

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