Horse Health & Wellness

Horse health is an important part of your horse’s care and maintenance. His stall should be clean and dry; he should get plenty of exercise, training and mental stimulation; and he should get the nutritious balance of fodder that he needs to stay strong and energized. And let’s not forget about proper grooming, from brushing out the mane and tail to picking out the hooves and keeping them clean.

On top of these basics, there are several other significant areas of equine health that can’t be ignored. Making sure your horse has all the vitamins and supplements he might need is also part of proper equine nutrition. And horse health also involves proper pest control measures and being ready for small injuries with a fully stocked first aid kit. You can browse through each of these categories to find what you need in Chewy’s virtual Horse Shop.

A horse will get many of its required nutrients from hay and grains, whether he grazes or is fed roughage and horse feed. But sometimes the diet is lacking in certain essential vitamins and minerals that deliver complete equine nutrition. That’s when it’s time to see which supplements your horse may benefit from. Since horses spend a lot of time on their feet, there can be wear and tear on the joints and ligaments over the years. Chewy carries a lot of different joint supplements from popular equine health brands like AniMed and Nutramax Cosequin to keep your horse galloping like a yearling.

Options for creating a first aid kit are numerous at Chewy. We’ve got lots of horse health products such as hoof dressings, special aloe vera ointment just for horses, and all kinds of ear and eye rinses to cleanse and reduce irritation in these vulnerable areas. And if your active horse happens to get a small cut or open wound, we’ve got just the thing with our healing sprays and gels. And what about those pesk