Heartworm Prevention & Dewormers for Cats

Make your cat’s health a priority with the best cat health care products from Chewy.com. Kittens are born with worms and usually require cat dewormers early on in their life. The best cat dewormer for your cat depends on their weight. How to deworm a cat also depends on their age. The Companion Animal Parasite Council, consisting of representatives from the U.S. Government Centers for Disease Control, recommends deworming kittens every two weeks from six weeks of age to three months, then deworming them monthly until six months of age. There are many different types of deworming medicine for cats. You can find over the counter cat dewormers at Chewy.com. For example, choose from a liquid dewormer for cats or deworming pills for cats. Bayer cat dewormers comes in a topical solution and tablets. If your feline isn’t great at taking medicine, a topical treatment may be easier to administer. Another popular treatment is Prosense dewormer for cats, because it comes in liquid form and is safe for use on all cats and kittens six weeks or older. Deworming your cat is just one step towards helping your cat achieve optimal health. In addition to cat dewormers, cat vitamins are important for your cat’s health. There are supplements for cat eye care, vitamins for cat ear care and joint supplements for cats. If your feline friend has behavioral issues, cat anxiety medication can help. If your cat has issues with supplements, you might be able to treat their health conditions with cat food. With prescription cat food you can address everything from weight issues to joint health. Weight control cat food can help your cat receive the nutrients they need while maintaining a healthy weight. You can choose between dry and wet prescription cat food like Iams ProActive weight or dry cat food for hairball care. Hairballs are common in cats, but something most pet parents don’t want to deal with. A cat hairball remedy can help. Cat hairball control comes in many forms, including cat treats like Temptations hairball chicken flavor cat treats. Lastly, keep your cat healthy and be prepared for anything with a cat first aid kit. Get everything you need to keep your feline happy and healthy at Chewy.com.

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