Guinea Pig Hideouts & Mats

Be prepared to play games of peek-a-boo with your fluffball when she takes cover in her guinea pig hideout. Your petite pet needs a space where she can feel safe and cozy, and guinea pig hideaways provide that secret spot. She’ll go to her hideaway to rest, nest, snooze and watch the room from a safe spot. They’re a great addition to her cage and for use in playpens.

The best guinea pig hideouts and hideaways surround her on at least two sides, and you’ll even find options that are like a little cave for the ultimate secure environment. When deciding which is right for your pal, consider how easy it will be to clean—hideaways with bottoms may require extra attention come cleaning time. Some guinea pig hideouts are even made with edible and chewable parts, like timothy hay and twigs, for an extra element of entertainment and less cleaning.

If you have more than one guinea pig in your cage, you’ll probably want a hideout for each one of your small friends. Although they are highly social and like living together, they also need some alone time and a guinea pig hideaway they can call their own. Also consider adding some munchable fun to any hideout with a guinea pig mat. These little resting spots are often made with woven hay—a nutritious and delicious part of any pig diet.

There are many other things you can add to any guinea pig cages or guinea pig habitats to make your paw-tner happier, healthier and more comfortable. She will enjoy guinea pig toys to keep her entertained throughout the day. You can also make her cage even cozier with guinea pig bedding and guinea pig hammocks. Chewy is here 24/7 with guinea pig supplies you need to help your petite fur-iend live her happiest and healthiest life with you. Shop guinea pig hideouts for your furbaby today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do guinea pigs need a hideout?

Yes, guinea pigs need a hideout because it’s comforting for them to have a place to hide and feel safe. Some cages come with a built-in hiding area, generally under a loft. You can add your own hideaway if it doesn’t have one. They’re also important for use in playpens where your guinea pig may feel exposed. If you’d like another place for your buddy to lounge when in or out of her cage, consider adding a munchable guinea pig mat to the fun!

What size hideout do you need for a guinea pig?

The hideout size for a guinea pig doesn’t need to be large. That’s because your fur-iend goes inside to feel safe and cozy. She’ll likely want to curl up inside rather than stretch out, so it doesn’t even need to be as long as she is—and most guinea pigs are 8 inches to 12 inches long. While there are some guinea pig hideouts for sale that accommodate multiple friends, most hideaways are built for just one guinea pig occupant.

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