Chinchilla Hideouts & Mats

Be ready to play peek-a-boo with your fur-avorite little friend when you add a chinchilla hideout to her cage. Chinchilla hideaways aren’t just fun to have in her cage—they are a necessity to help keep her happy. Wild chinchillas are prey animals, so your furbaby has a natural instinct to hide. The best chinchilla hideout provides this safe spot where she can feel comfortable relaxing and feel protected from the happenings outside her cage.

There are many chinchilla hideaways to choose from. Some pet parents prefer a more long-term hideout solution like the Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Small Animal Hideout. It’s made from a composite of recycled wood and plastic and is completely safe for small animals.

Munchable chinchilla hideaways are another choice that can be used instead of or in addition to her more permanent hideout. A fur-avorite is the Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel Small Animal Hideout that is 100% edible. If the hay chinchilla hideaway is her main hideout, be sure to have a replacement available once she chews through it. You can even consider putting a chinchilla cage mat made of hay under her more permanent hideout to give her the best of both worlds.

There are other chinchilla supplies you should have to help your soft friend live a healthy and happy life. For chinchilla food, you’ll want complete pellets and an endless supply of loose hay. When you’re first bringing her home, selecting the right chinchilla habitat and chinchilla cage are of utmost importance. And because chins are avid climbers, and you should consider taller options. Fill it with things to keep her cozy and entertained like chinchilla bedding, chinchilla beds and mats and chinchilla toys. Of course, hideouts are another important addition to her cage. Shop for chinchilla hideouts for sale 24/7 at Chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chinchillas like hideouts?

Chinchillas love hideouts, and they are a necessary addition to her cage. Chinchillas in the wild are prey animals, which means they have a natural instinct to hide. Her hideout spot provides a place of comfort where she can feel safe. Plus, it gives her peace and quiet from the busyness of the outside world.

What are the best types of hideouts for chinchillas?

The best types of hideouts for chinchillas help your fur-iend feel safe and secure. Some are made with hay and double as a snack! You will need to replace these hiding spots as she munches through them. You’ll also find hidey holes that are almost completely enclosed for an extra-secure feeling. Shop at Chewy for chinchilla hideouts for sale to offer a variety of options to learn which your fur-iend likes best.

How big should a chinchilla hideout be?

A chinchilla hideout should be big enough for your fur-iend to snuggle in but small enough to help her feel secure. Long-tailed chinchillas are anywhere from nine inches to 15 inches long while short-tailed chinchillas are between 11 inches and 19 inches long. Check the dimensions of the hideout and see if it is recommended for chinchillas. Just remember your fluffball will be able to curl up in the hideout and the measurements don’t need to match perfectly.

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