High-Protein Dry Dog Food

Protein is one of the most important parts of your paw-tner's diet. It helps support your pup's muscles, skin, immune system, health and more. Many dog food recipes supply the most energy through carbohydrates and fat. Some friends require more protein, and they can benefit from high protein dry dog food. This diet choice could be right for any breed size and lifestage, but it's especially recommended to highly active or lactating dogs.

The best high protein dry dog food provides extra protein without sacrificing the other nutrients she needs to thrive. When you'd like to compare your options at Chewy, check out the Nutritional Information tab to see the protein percentage. For example, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food has a minimum of 34.0% crude protein. Another pup-ular choice is VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food, and it has a minimum of 30% crude protein. Talk with your vet to determine how much protein your fur-iend should be getting in her diet.

All dogs have different nutritional needs. Some benefit from high protein while others require grain-free dry dog food, limited-ingredient dry dog food or prescription dog food. It's also important to satisfy her taste and texture preferences too, so she always wants to lick her bowl clean and get the most nutrients. Choose from crunchable dry dog food and decadent wet dog food. At Chewy, we have the best high protein dry dog food and other supplies you need to help your paw-tner live a healthy and happy life with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Protein Dry Dog Food

What dry dog food is high in protein?

Lots of dry dog food is high in protein, but not all are! High protein food focuses on protein as the biggest energy source while standard dog food provides energy through protein, carbohydrates and fats. At Chewy, we offer high protein dry dog food from today's top brands. Not all recipes call out high protein in the name, so we always break down the protein percentages for food in our Nutritional Information tab to help you make an informed decision with your vet.

Is high protein dry food good for dogs?

High protein dry dog food is good for dogs with special nutritional needs. This can vary by activity level, breed, size and health conditions. Young pups and older fur-iends can benefit from a protein-rich diet to support muscle maintenance and growth. Overweight dogs can be satisfied and feel full longer with high-protein weight management food. If your furbaby is an athlete, she needs the extra amino acids provided by protein to support her muscle growth and recovery. Also, lactating moms may benefit from a protein boost while still feeding her litter. As always, check with your vet to see if a high-protein diet is right for your canine companion.