Senior Dog Home Essentials

You can’t stop your four-legged friend from aging, but you can make sure she remains healthy and happy through the process. As a pet parent, you want your canine companion around as long as possible. Help your canine age with grace and comfort with the right senior dog supplies. Find all the best senior dog home essentials at Your aging dog needs proper bedding to feel comfortable as she lays down and gets up from sleep. Senior dog beds should have extra cushion for aching joints. The Frisco Tufted Lounger is a great choice, with a flat surface that makes it easy for senior dogs to get on or hop off. The fluffy polyester fiber filling provides maximum comfort. The Frisco Ortho Textured Plush Bolster Sofa is another great option with a built-in entry dip on the front that makes entry easy. Keep your senior dog safe with senior dog crates like the Frisco Fold & Carry dog crate. Older canines may have accidents. Keep your home stain and odor-free with senior dog potty and training supplies. As your dog ages, her joints may feel stiff and hurt. Make it easier for her to enjoy feeding with elevated dog bowls. Fill your dog’s food bowls with senior dog food for the nutrition she needs to stay healthy and strong. The right senior dog treats and food can help your canine maintain her muscles and manage her weight. A healthy weight is very important for aging dogs. Keep her active with senior dog walking supplies like a comfortable harness. Pet parents also use toys for senior dogs to encourage physical and mental stimulation. You can boost your dog’s health with senior dog vitamins and supplements formulated to support your canine’s aging body. Ensure you’re providing your older dog the comfort and nutrition she needs to stay healthy and happy with the right supplies from Chewy’s online pet store.

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