Dog Hoodies

Keeping your furbaby warm is a walk in the park when you dress him in dog hoodies. These cozy wardrobe-builders are a great choice for wintertime walks when the cold might ruin the fun. While they’re adorable on every friend, hoodies for dogs are particularly useful for petite pups and dogs without thick coats, who may need a little more help to stay warm.

There are even more reasons to consider dressing your pal in dog hoodies! They can help contain shedding and dander—particularly useful inside the house. And if he has sensitive, itchy skin, hoodies for dogs can help discourage scratching and protect the irritated location.

There are many things to consider when choosing the best dog hoodie for your pal. First, it’s important to choose the right size. Measure your dog’s chest circumference, neck circumference and length of the back of his neck to his tail bone. Then, check out the sizing guide and see which size is right. If he happens to be between sizes, it’s best to size up so he has a full range of motion. You should also consider the fabric and if it will be comfortable for long wear—especially important if you’re shopping for more than just a photoshoot opportunity!

Dog hoodies are just one way to get your best bud stylin’ and cozy. For the colder months, many pet parents turn to dog sweaters and dog jackets to keep their pup warm during walks. You can even find dog raincoats to keep him dry during rainy-day outings. For fun any time of year inside or out, dog shirts are a great way to let his personality shine through—there’s an option for everyone! Turn to Chewy when you are filling his wardrobe with dog clothing, and shop our collection of dog hoodies today.

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