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In Chewy's all-encompassing Horse Shop, we carry a wide variety of horse supplies, including horse grooming products, horse stable supplies, horse toys, horse food, horse health care products and prescription horse medication to keep your horse show ready. Whether you've got a racehorse, riding horse or show jumper, your galloping friend will look and feel her best with our top-quality horse products. All your favorite go-to brands for horse gear are here—Fiebing's horse products, Shapley's horse products, Horseman's Pride, EQyss Grooming Products, Oster horse products and many more. Let's take a quick tour through all the horse stuff Chewy has to offer. For overall health and wellness, you'll find horse vitamins and supplements that range from preventative to those made to support certain issues. That includes joint care, digestive enzymes, formulas to increase weight, allergy supplements and general vitamin powders. There are special hoof dressings and polishes along with first aid horse supplies, plus fly sprays to shoo away pesky stable flies.To keep your prized horse well-groomed, we've got tons of top-quality equine supplies like horse brushes, combs, horse shampoos, conditioners and horse grooming tools. Our curry combs, flick brushes and finishing brushes will get out the dirt and shine up your stallion's coat in no time. Premium shampoos and conditioners, and the necessary hoof picks, sweat scrapers and clippers take care of your horse pal from head to hoof.Head on over to the stable section next, where you'll see must-have leather conditioners like Fiebing's Saddle Soap, a favorite with horse grooms. Take your pick of colorful sport boot sets and padded halters made for your horse's comfort. When it's time for horsing around, you might have your eye on the durable, air-free horse ball toys or a fun and delicious Stall Snack with Horeseman Pride's Apple Scented Ball Horse Treat. Chewy's pretty much a virtual horse supply store with everything at your fingertips, so choose some of our quality horse and pet products and get ready for the next ride!

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