Horse Feed

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the right horse food and horse treats for your horse. Horse feed is generally designed to meet specific nutrient needs in regards to current life stage, activity level, age and health status. For instance, a horse that is primarily a working horse will typically require more calories than an older horse who a pasture pal. An underweight hard keeper will need higher fat horse food or a grain supplement in order to get to a desired weight. Owners of show horses will want to shop for food that is enhanced with ingredients like healthy oils, which can help to bring out the natural luster of a horse’s coat, so as to keep them looking their very best. And growing colts and fillies need special food for horses that will enrich them with the nutrients that they need in order to grow up with healthy bones, joints and muscle. At a first glance, the options for horse feed may seem endless. Fortunately, Chewy makes choosing horse feed an easy experience and we have a wide selection to meet the needs of horses of all breeds, sizes and ages.

The Standlee Premium alfalfa pellets provide horse owners with a nutritious option for nourishing their horse with ¼-inch pellets made of natural alfalfa forage that is high in protein, calories and digestible fiber. Tribute Equine Nutrition Kalm Ultra horse feed is designed and approved by PhD equine nutritionists, high in fat, and intended to feed all classes of mature horses, especially hard keepers, horses in heavy work, and horses recovering from extreme weight loss.

In addition to having a wide selection of horse feed, Chewy's online pet store has all your horse supplies with everything from horse tack and horse grooming supplies to horse toys and horse supplements.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Feed

What is the best horse feed?

The best horse feed will vary depending on the life stage, habits and performance demands of your horse. A complete feed may be best for horses who can't eat forage or for those who have specific nutritional needs. Ration balancers and concentrates are designed to supplement forage and can be best for working equines or performance horses in training. Forage and hay horse feeds help take the place of natural graze feeding on the pasture. They come in loose or convenient pelleted forms to make feeding convenient and easy.

How much horse feed should I feed a horse a day?

Feed a horse the amounts suggested on the horse feed package every day. The amounts you feed will vary depending on the types of food you are feeding, and most horse feed packages will include recommended feeding amounts. If you are feeding a complete ration as the sole source of nutrition, just feed the recommended amount. If you are feeding a ration balancer, feed suggested amounts in addition to the hay or forage recommended daily for your horse's size and activity level. Most horses eat, on average, fifteen to twenty pounds of hay per day. Amounts will vary depending on activity levels and whether you are supplementing with grain or another feed supplement.