Prescription Medicine for Horses

Keep your horse in galloping good health with prescription medicine from the Chewy horse pharmacy. You can find whatever medication your vet may prescribe, including treatments like parasite & worm medicine, skin & coat medicine, and prescription horse medication for a range of other equine health issues.

We carry vitamins & electrolytes to keep horses in top shape for exercise and pain meds to ease the aches of injury or arthritis. Horses with allergies will appreciate the allergy medicine we have available, while those with thyroid trouble may benefit from thyroid & hormone. Your vet can prescribe the right prescription medicine for these and other issues in just the right doses for your “mane” man.

You can buy prescription horse medicine online through the Chewy pharmacy for other ailments, too. Order antibiotics for infections or shop our other prescription meds for common horse health complaints.

The Chewy pet pharmacy has prescription medications for your canine and feline companions, as well. Order prescription dog medicine and prescription cat medicine right when you fill your horse prescriptions, and stock up on non-prescription remedies, horse supplies, and dog and cat supplies too. Chewy has everything you need to keep all your hooved and furry companions well and thriving. Check out our great selection of prescription horse medicine—we’re almost certain to have whatever your vet prescribes!

Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Medicine for Horses

How do I get horse medication prescriptions online at Chewy Pharmacy?

Get your horse medication prescriptions online at Chewy Pharmacy by first visiting your vet for a prescription. Then, go online and add the prescribed pharmacy product to your cart. At checkout, you can add your horse’s info and vet contact information so Chewy can reach out and verify the prescription on your behalf. That’s all you need to do to order your prescription medications from Chewy!

How can I get a horse to eat medicine?

Getting a horse to eat medicine may require a little creativity and patience, but some horses will just eat up the medication if you put it in their feed. For other horses, try hiding the medicine in a soft horse treat, in a hollow you’ve made in an apple or carrot or in one of the specialty pill pockets or pouches made just for this purpose. Hiding the medicine in a pitted prune works well for many horses, too, or you can try crushing the medicine, dissolving it in water and squirting it into your horse’s mouth. Your vet may have some good advice on giving your horse medicine, too.

What kind of medication can I give my horse?

You can give your horse a range of different medications depending on his needs, but only your vet can determine and prescribe the medicines that are right for him. Chewy carries remedies including parasite & deworming medicine for horses, pain meds for horses, skin & coat medicine for horses, antibiotics for horses, thyroid and hormone medicine for horses, and horse allergy medicine, too. The Chewy Pharmacy carries most of the common medications for horses and quite a few specialty horse meds, as well.

How do I setup Autoship for my prescription horse medicine?

To set up Autoship for your prescription horse medicine, select the Autoship option at checkout and choose the frequency of your delivery. You must have a valid prescription or remaining refills on file for Autoship deliveries to occur. If we do not have a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring soon, one of our team members will reach out to your vet to obtain all the necessary information. Once you set up Autoship, you can cancel or change your deliveries any time you want. Never run out of prescription horse medicine again with Autoship from Chewy!