Fish Ick & Parasite Treatments

Your fish aquarium is a tranquil, beautiful and fragile ecosystem. Without proper care and maintenance, this miniature aquatic oasis can become susceptible to parasites, bacteria and fungus that can cause diseases like ick, mouth and fin rot, flukes and ulcers. If left untreated, parasites will not only cause infection, tissue damage and death in the host fish, but they will also pass to other fish in the tank and put the entire community at risk. API General Cure Parasitic Fish Disease Treatment is made with sodium chloride that will eliminate parasites within a matter of 48 hours. It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Tetra Ick Guard Fast Remedy Ick Treatment can be used to prevent and treat a broad spectrum of fish diseases in freshwater fish. This can be used as a preventative when adding new fish as well. You can also try API Super Ick Cure for Aquariums to treat ick, which is also called white spot disease. Ick, or ichthyophthirius, is a highly contagious and destructive microscopic parasite that burrows into the gill and skin tissue to cause severe damage and secondary infections. This fast-acting medicine disrupts the life cycle of the ick parasite and kills it within 24 hours. High water quality and stable temperatures are some of the factors that will keep your fish from getting stressed and becoming vulnerable to diseases like ick. Every fish keeper tries to maintain the best aquarium conditions, but if you should see signs of parasites or ick, there are measures you can take to heal your fish and get them healthy again. To make sure these issues don't progress any further many customers often look into fish water care supplies like algaecide for fish tankswater test kits for fish tanks and fish tank filters.  So whether you need some new fish foodfish tank decorations or any other fish supplies Chewy's online pet store is here to help you find everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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