Cat ID Tag Accessories

Your cat is a member of the family, so of course, you want to do everything you can to keep her safe. Most pet parents couldn’t imagine losing a pet, but it happens every day. The American Humane Association estimates that one out of three pets become lost at some point in their lifetime. About 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the US every single year, and less than 23 percent of lost pets in the U.S. are reunited with their owners, according to the Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families. Increase the chance your cat will be returned to you with custom cat tags. At, you’ll find the perfect cat address tag for your cat. Cat collar name tags are not just for show, they can help reunite you with your cat if she goes missing. You can get a custom cat name tag like the GoTags personalized heart-shaped ID tag or the GoTags cat face ID tag. If you don’t have cat collars for your cat, make sure to get one right away. You can hook your custom cat tags to the collar, so it’s easy for people to see. If your cat gets lost, custom cat tags notify people that your cat is not a stray and has an owner. Walking your cat on a leash can also prevent your cat from getting lost. You can find different styles of cat leashes on Looking for a more high-tech approach? Another way to keep track of your kitty is with a cat GPS tracker. We have all the cat supplies you need to keep your cat healthy, happy and most importantly, safe. Find everything from cat clothing to cat carriers from today’s top brands at Chewy’s online pet store today.

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