Dog ID Tags & Accessories

Even the most loving and protective of pet parents can find themselves putting up lost dog posters. Whether playful pups wriggle out of their collar, or dig a hole under the fencing, pets go missing every day. If it happens to you, help your pet make her way back to you with a personalized dog ID tag. Your four-legged friend is irreplaceable, and pet ID tags help others identify and return your cuddly companion safely to you. Remember to leave important contact information on your pup's ID tag for easy identification with pet id tags you can personalize. ID dog tags can come loose from a dog collar, so safeguard your pup's ID tag with a dog tag lock. Chewy carries the best dog locks and the best dog ID tags from brands like Nite Ize with LED dog tags and Doggie Stylz with reflective service dog patches. The Nite Ize S-Biner TagLock keeps your dog's ID tags securely attached to her collar. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel with double-locking gates, your pup's ID tag will stay locked in place. While dog ID tags can ease pet parent anxiety, you might find yourself waking up in the middle of the night for a different reason. Dog collar lights are a great way to keep track of your four legged friend if your pup is active during the night. The ThunderCover dog tag silencer conveniently slips over your dog's tags, while keeping her identification information visible. The ThunderCover comes in multiple transparent colors, including white, pink and blue. You can keep multiple tags on your dog's collar without worrying about noise. Get piece of mind, and ensure your cuddly companion can always find her way back to you with pet ID tags from Chewy's online pet shop. Be sure to shop Chewy for great deals on dog food, dog leashes, dog treats and all of the other dog supplies you may need to keep your pup happy and safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog ID Tags & Accessories

Do dogs need ID tags?

Dogs need ID tags so their family can be located if they get lost, and personalized tags are considered the gold standard. Experts especially recommend them for dogs who spend a lot of time outside, those who aren’t microchipped and puppies who might slip away and not know how to get back home. Use them to liven up your pup’s look while keeping him safer from getting lost.

Are all dog tags customizable?

Not all of our dog tags are customizable, but many are. Our personalized dog tags let you enter what name and contact info you want to put on there before you order—just look for the “Personalize Me” button on the order page and follow the instructions when you click through. You can also choose a tag that’s not customizable and write in your contact info by hand.

What dog tag accessories do I need?

You may need certain dog tag accessories to keep your dog safer on walks or just to show off his fun personality. Dog collar lights and reflective tags can add visibility and safety, especially at night, while collar accessories like tags you register online can help people locate you if your pup doesn’t have a chip.