Dog Insect & Sun Protection

Few things in the summer are worse than getting sunburnt and being bitten up by pesky insects. We do everything we can to protect ourselves from both, but what about our pets? At Chewy we offer plenty of protection for your pups, too, with dog-safe insect and sun protection accessories. Heading out to the beach or the dog park on a sunny day? Protect your dog with fashionable dog apparel like the Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze UPF 40 Dog Polo Shirt. This polo features alternating stripes of bright, fun colors with a crisp collar and plastic buttons, as well as an adorable embroidered chest patch of a dog on a surfboard. If you’re more of a fan of sundresses, Zack and Zoey’s patchwork SPF dog dress may be perfect for your pup. This dress is perfect for summer with complementary red, white and blue colors that are great for patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day. It’s made with an SPF 40 treatment to protect pups—especially hairless breeds. Don’t forget to protect your dog’s eyes, too. Doggles Originalz dog goggles are made with 100% UVA and UVB protection thanks to polycarbonate lenses. They’re ideal for outdoor playtime adventures, car trips with the windows down and even motorcycle rides. Doggles are designed to be comfy with adjustable head and chin straps to accommodate most breeds. And because style matters when it comes to fashionable pups, Doggles Originalz are available in two colors: black and chrome. When it comes to insects, you can get extra protection to help keep them away with specially treated dog apparel. The Insect Shield breathable mesh dog t-shirt is made with a permethrin formula to repel mosquitos, biting flies, fleas and ticks. This stylish racer-back tank gives your pup comfort and flexibility, allowing her to bring her A game when fetching dog toys. While these shields may help protect your pup, it’s best to put your pup on dog flea and tick treatments or preventatives. Be sure to take a look at the many options for dog flea and tick treatments on Chewy. The Seresto 8 Month flea and tick collar is an effortless option. All you have to do is to fit the collar comfortably on your pup’s neck, and once you put it on, it’ll help protect your pup from these pesky pests for the next eight months. Be sure to stock up on dog insect and sun protection to keep your pets safe. Your pup is sure to thank you with plenty of kisses and tail wags! Find the best dog insect and sun protection products and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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