Dog Launcher Toys

With Chewy, your pup can have the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing their favorite dog toys. Snugglers can cozy up to plush dog toys, while tug-of-war fans have fun with dog rope toys that are built to last. And for the born retrievers of dog toy balls, playtime can last even longer when you add dog ball launchers to the game. To make the most out of any fetch session, try out a handheld dog ball thrower or an automatic ball launcher for dogs. Chuckit! ball launchers let you throw the ball up to three times farther while saving your arm from getting tired. And when your faithful friend brings the ball back, you can pick it up hands-free without touching doggy slobber. The Nerf DOG Ball Blaster will send tennis balls flying into the air, up to 50 feet away to give your pup maximum exercise. You can also use the end of this dog ball launcher to pick up the ball without touching it. If your arm tends to give out way before your pooch is done playing, a dog fetch machine is the answer. The iFetch Too automatic ball launcher for dogs is great for medium to large breeds, and it can throw tennis balls 10, 25 or 40 feet away. For smaller dogs, the iFetch mini provides mental stimulation and physical exercise, and it comes with mini tennis balls that are perfectly sized for smaller jaws. There are plenty of styles to choose from when it comes to outdoor dog toys like dog ball launchers—from eco-friendly wood ball launchers to dog jai alai throwers that are fun for the whole family. Your dog will love the extended playtime and bonding time he’ll get with an everlasting game of fetch. This time, the game will end when your pooch is tired, not you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Launcher Toys

What is a dog ball launcher?

A dog ball launcher toy is any toy that launches balls for your dog to fetch. Manual ball launcher toys help you throw a ball farther and more easily for your pup, while automatic launchers do the work for you. Some automatic ball launchers will launch the balls up in the air, while others may shoot them out closer to the ground for exciting play. Check out all the different types and see which ones you like best.

How do dog ball launchers work?

A dog launcher toy works by launching a ball—usually a tennis ball—into the air or close to the ground for your dog to fetch. Many automatic models feature variable launch angles and throw distances, and a few even make it easy for your dog to drop the ball back in for relaunch and solo play! Choose a manual ball launcher for hands-on, interactive fun and exercise with your pup.

Do dog ball launchers require special balls?

Dog launcher toys do not usually require special balls. Most launchers work with standard size tennis balls so you can replace the balls when they wear out. A few models may require specialized balls, however, so be sure to check before you choose a dog launcher ball toy.