Dog Lawn & Grass Care

Your dog loves to play on your lawn, but she can also do major damage to it. Dog lawn care can help fix that ugly, patchy lawn you’ve been battling. Your dog’s urine can affect your lawn in two very opposite ways. Dog urine killing grass is a common pet parent problem. If your dog’s urine has higher nitrogen levels it can kill grass, but if his urine has low nitrogen levels it can cause patches of grass to grow more quickly and thickly. Loving your canine doesn’t mean you have to let her ruin your lawn. Proper dog grass care can protect your lawn from canine accidents. Your canine will learn to stay off your lawn with the right dog potty training products. If your dog is prone to marking her territory, consider dog diapers and potty pads. For a quick solution to pet accidents, consider dog potty training pads. They are super absorbent, fast drying and best of all, they help with dog potty training and cleaning. Dog diapers are another option. Wraps like Out! disposable dog wraps are soft, leak-proof, super absorbent and have fur-friendly fasteners. If dog poop is the problem, consider dog poop scoopers for your backyard and dog poop bags for when you’re on the go or to prevent your trash can from stinking up the house. If the indoors are more a problem for your pet than the outdoors, you’ll find the best dog supplies for cleaning your home and keeping it fresh at Whether it’s due to a behavioral issue or lack of training, dog accidents happen and can leave ugly stains and nasty odors. Dog stain removers can help lift urine stains from your carpet, while dog deodorizers can remove nasty odors. Another way to get rid of pesky odors is with dog odor candles. Candles like Pet Odor Exterminator lavender and chamomile use powerful enzymes to attack and neutralize unpleasant smells. If hair is the problem in your home, dog hair removers and lint rollers can help. Even cleaning up pesky dog hair can be even easier with special dog vacuums.
Keep your lawn healthy and beautiful with dog lawn care products, and your home fresh and clean with the best products from Chewy.

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