Dog Training Leashes & Collars

Looking for the best dog training products and dog collars? Or wondering how to leash train a puppy? You've come to the right place. We can help you find a dog training leash that will have your dog walking right by your side—and not ahead of you pulling—in no time. Discovering how to leash train a puppy can be a tricky task. But when you have the right training leash or collar, it makes all the difference. EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash is a good training leash to start with. It uses Zero Shock Technology with a shock-absorbing bungee that pulls the dog back toward you if he tries to pull. The stretchy lead has enough give that you won't be knocked on your feet, and it won't cause as much pressure on your dog's neck as a regular collar would. There's also a second handle close to the collar that works as a traffic control handle. You can grab this handle to keep your dog close by in crowds or busy intersections. One of the best dog training collars is the Gentle Leader Headcollar. If you're hesitant because it sounds like a muzzle, it's not. Just like the name says, it's a gentle way to direct your dog where you want him to go. A dog will naturally pull in the opposite direction, so the Gentle Leader counteracts this by moving the head in the right direction. And naturally, the body will follow. This dog training collar is great for reducing pulling, lunging and jumping on your daily walks. Because it's not a muzzle, it fits over the bridge of the nose, and your dog can still eat and drink like normal.When you're practicing some commands like stay and come, a training leash works wonders. These types of leads are much longer than average to give you room to back away from your pup while asking him to stay in place and then come back to you. You can also use them in a park where dogs must be kept on leashes, so your dog still feels like he has extra room to run around. The Four Paws Cotton Web Training Dog Lead is made from 100% natural cotton and comes in 10- or 15-foot lengths. This dog training leash is used not only by pet parents but also by professional trainers. Check out more of our best dog training collars and training leashes in Chewy's online dog store where you'll find the best pet supplies, and you'll be training like a pro in no time.

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