Cat Leashes, Collars & Harnesses

Shop Chewy for cat leashes and harnesses to keep your adventurous cat safe while out and about. A cat collar is not just an opportunity for an additional accessory. While your fabulous feline can make the ultimate fashion statement with designer cat collars from Chewy, the most important function a collar will ever serve is as a cat ID tag. Keep your kitty’s face off those lost posters with cute cat collars that attach to identification tags. With a proper cat collar, you don’t have to live in fear as your outdoor kitty enjoys the freedom that comes with exploring the great outdoors—and your indoor kitty can be identified if he gets out accidentally. The best cat collar will combine comfort with design and functionality.

Shop unique and sophisticated cat collar designs from Red Dingo. You’ll notice the fish shaped stainless steel K-Ring on the front of the collar is where you can attach your kitty’s ID tag. The fish design is playful, and the stainless-steel material lengthens the lifetime use of the collar. The quality nylon webbing used in Red Dingo cat collars is abrasion resistant, and provides long lasting comfort. If you’re a first-time cat owner, you might be wondering if a cat harness and leash is necessary. Contrary to popular belief, you can walk a cat. Take your classy kitty for a walk around the block with a cat harness leash for exercise that’s safe and controlled. You can find the best cat leash for you and your feline friend on Chewy. PetSafe makes a great leash for cats, these cat leashes come in a variety of colors from playful purple to beachy blue. For a harness that makes a statement, try Kitty Holster cat harnesses. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors. You can dress your kitty up as a jungle cat or a mid-western farm hand for your next walk. Whether it’s a cat leash that lasts or a cute cat collar, Chewy has your pet needs covered.

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